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Science Materials
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Compound Leaves
Leaf Forms , File 2 , File 3 Leaf Cabinet Templates - donated by Katie
Leaf Labels and Games Leaf Labels for
the Leaf Cabinet and Who am I? game.
Donated by Katie

Simple Leaves 1
Simple Leaves 2
Simple Leaves 3

Leaf Identification
45 Cards

Leaf Parts
   donated by Angi

Parts of the Plant 

Parts of the Plant Cards donated by Tanya
Parts of the Plant Booklet to go with the
cards donated by Tanya 


Flower Cards

Parts of a Flower
14 3 part cards

Parts of a Flower Set donated by Angi  *Note: This is a large file.  May take a few minutes to load .


Parts of the Root Cards donated by Tanya 
Parts of the Root Booklet to go with the cards donated by Tanya 
Underground Storage Systems - Bulbs, Tubors, Corms, & Rhizomes donated by Colleen


Copyright Information 
Materials may be used for your own personal and school use. Materials may not be used for resale.