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Cultural / Geography Materials
Cultural/Geo. Page 1 , Page 2, Page 3

Spanish Pronunciation Explanation , http://www.alvareze.com/spanish/ 
Websites with Spanish Pronunciation


Days of the Week 1st page is control card, second page to cut and put on 3rd page which is blank. Donated by Katie.
Months of the Year 1st page control card, second page cut and put on 3rd page which is blank. Donated by Katie


Spanish "A" Verbs Donated by Samantha
Spanish "B" Verbs Donated by Samantha

Words and Phrases

Spanish Words and Phrases


Spanish Bingo Transportation
Spanish Bingo, Vocabulary sheet and instructions - (Transportation Set) Donated by Juliette.

Spanish Picture Cards:

Around the House
Things on a Farm
Farm Animals
Rooms in a House



French Pronunciations - great site for a little french lesson.
French Words and Phrases - I used a translation site to help me with this.  So hopefully these are correct.

French Picture Cards:

Animals  - Words in French - donated by Cynthia (6 pages). May take a minute to load.


Charte d'histoire - descriptions to use to build a time line - donated by Cynthia


Carte du monde - donated by Cynthia
*Note:  one can print it twice so to have a full set of three-part cards. The second file entitled "Définitions des pays" is a file where you would want to cut all the squares and let the child pick one card at a time and then read the definition and show you where the country defined on the card is on the globe, or on the map. You can play this game several ways: you can ask the child where the country is located on the globe, then tell you the name of the continent, tell you if it's in the northen hemisphere and so on...

Définitions des pays - donated by Cynthia
*See Note on previous file above.



Copyright Information 
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